Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fat Moon

the car slowed to a gentle stop at the light and he exclaimed "is that the moon?" as he craned his neck to see out the side window.
"it is!" she said
they both gazed in silence at the fat, bloated, yellowish moon that hung just above the city skyline.
the honking car behind them startled him into acceleration through the now green light.
they wound their way up the hill, sluggish moon hidden behind trees and large houses, and pulled into the drive of number 5525. after the doorbell echoed through the large front room they were greeted and admitted. Connie, her co-worker, smiled and invited them to have a seat on the large couches that stood in the middle of the room, she would be right back with the aforepromised book. they sat in companionable silence.
"are you hungry?" she asked
"hells yeah!" he grinned at her. "i would kill for some Taco Bell."
"ugh, i am so not in the mood for that, how about Wendy's?"
"can we just go to both?"
"um, no! that's just ridiculous," she slanted her eyes at him, starting to get annoyed.
"well, what ab..."
"here it is, sorry it took me so long to find it, i thought i knew just where it was but i think someone moved it because there is no way i left it on top of the dryer, man i hate living here..."
"thanks Connie, i really do appreciate it!'
another ring of the door bell and pandemonium entered without waiting to be let it. the two screaming children rushed the sitting couple, the boy pushing slightly gooey chocolate into everyone's hands and the girl wailing over broken chalk, while their mother unloaded a bag containing full bottles of both rum and coke and demanded to be cooked dinner.
they beat a hasty retreat back to the car and down the hill.
the moon was higher now, and back to its normal size.